Red Spiral Bird Feeder

Fill this bird feeder with sunflower seeds and then sit back and watch what happens. Sunflower seeds attract the greatest variety of birds, and the spiral design makes it easy for lots of birds to hang out and eat at this bird feeder.
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From chickadees and finches to nuthatches and titmice, songbirds large and small will love the sunflower seeds you offer in this large tub feeder. Standing over 17 inches tall and able to hold 2.5 quarts of sunflower seeds, the Red Spiral Bird Feeder has enough food for all of your seed-loving birds. Made of durable stainless steel and aluminum, this bird feeder is easy to love!

You might enjoy this feeder almost as much as your birds once you experience how easy it is to clean and re-fill. Like all seed feeders, it's important to keep food from going bad so check your feeder periodically to make sure the sunflower seeds are still fresh. When it's time to clean out this Red Spiral Bird Feeder, simply twist off the bottom and wipe down the inside. Then re-fill and hang it up by the attached hanging cable. It's that easy.

The Red Spiral Bird Feeder can also be fitted with an optional Spiral Feeder Tray (sold separately). The clear tray shown above screws into the bottom of this feeder to attract a wider variety of birds to your yard - including colorful red cardinal birds.

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