Dual-Mount Heated Birdbath

Whether you want to put it in your front yard or on a deck, this heated birdbath comes with everything you need to offer birds fresh water to drink and play in year round.
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Standing two feet tall, the striking contrast between the black metal stand and the off-white plastic basin give this Dual-Mount Heated Birdbath a contemporary look. The basin is almost 19 inches around and gradually slopes down to 1 3/4 inches deep. This provides a comfortable place for birds big and small to drink and play. You'll get hours of enjoyment watching colorful cardinals and blue jays preening, as well as smaller juncos and little songbirds that are looking for fresh water to drink.

This birdbath is perfect for year-round use. When weather is warm, it will be a popular birdbath for hummingbirds and other common visitors to your bird feeders. In winter the heating element is turned on automatically by the built-in thermostat when it gets below 32 degrees, providing a source of thawed water for non-migratory birds.

It comes with everything you need to set up and use this birdbath (except birds and water).

  • Secure freestanding setup: Most people place this Dual-Mount Heated Birdbath on the ground. To help keep it secure, this birdbath comes with anchors (also called stakes) that you pound into the ground for added stability.
  • Deck mounting option included: Prefer to watch birds up close by mounting this on your deck? No problem! This birdbath includes the hardware you need to mount the basic directly to your deck.

You never know what kind of birds will be attracted to this heated birdbath. Once it gets noticed by neighborhood birds, you may have some new visitors during cold weather months. What's the most unexpected bird you'll see hanging out at your heated birdbath this winter?

Made in USA

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