Perch-Free Window Birdhouse

Nuthatches, hairy woodpeckers or songbirds may decide to roost in this sturdy yet lightweight birdhouse. It's just the right size for smaller birds, and doesn't have a perch which many invasive birds look for in nesting sites.
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Get up close to your neighborhood birds with this Perch-Free Window Birdhouse. Made of wood and using heavy-duty suction cups, this birdhouse attaches right to your window to give you a birds-eye view of nesting birds.

The entrance hole on this wood birdhouse is 1 1/2 inch around. Just the right size for many songbirds. Plus the perch-free design discourages House Sparrows and other less desirable birds from taking over the nest.

Watch through the clear panel as a bird family goes from making a nest to caring for the eggs, and then raising their babies - all from the comfort of your own home. It's a great way to get children involved in birding too! When the birds move out, just remove two screws to clean out the home for another family.

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