48 oz. Oriole Nectar Feeder

Looking for a large oriole feeder you can hang or mount on a pole? This nectar feeder is flexible enough to go almost anywhere, and holds enough nectar to keep your orioles fed for days.
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This 48 oz. Oriole Nectar Feeder weights just 1.5 lbs when you get it and is under six inches across, but it sure holds a lot of oriole food. There are three feeding ports, each with its own perch and built-in bee guard, making this a great feeder for attracting oriole birds.

This oriole feeder is also easy to re-fill. The top sits flat on a table,making it easy to pour nectar in. The base snaps apart for easy cleaning too.

You'll appreciate the easy-to-use design of this oriole feeder, while your neighborhood orioles enjoy the nectar you are offering. Attract orioles each year with this 48 oz. Oriole Nectar Feeder.

Made in USA

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