Covered Fruit and Jelly Feeder

You can offer hungry orioles four orange halves and lots of grape jelly with this durable and colorful oriole feeder.
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Orioles living near your home are sure to be attracted to the bright orange colors in this lightweight Covered Fruit and Jelly Feeder that is made of recycled materials. It holds several orange slices as well as a large helping of grape jelly. The dimensions are 6" x 8.25" x 10" and it weighs less than 2 lbs.

Because of its open design, the Covered Fruit and Jelly Feeder is easy to keep filled with oriole-friendly fruit and jelly, and it's easy to clean. Just remove the jelly dish and hand wash it each time you refill the feeder. Keep your feeder well stocked and you'll be rewarded with visits from nearby orioles.

Made in USA

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